Council on Black Minnesotans / Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage

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The Council on Black Minnesotans, which recently changed its name to The Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage, African Heritage (Heritage means something that comes or belong to one by reason of birth) strives to improve the quality of services that it provides for its constituents and for the State of Minnesota. Your opinion is very valuable to the Council, and your responses will be appreciated. Your responses are completely anonymous, and will not be shared with any person or entity.

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Step I - Demographic Data

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Step II - Awareness

8. How familiar are you with the Council and its mission? *

9. When was the last time you had contact with the Council *

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10. What was the reason for your call or visit *

Step III - Council's Legislative Activities

As part of our efforts to grow the asset of Minnesotan’s African heritage and strengthen the state of Minnesota through programs and policy recommendations to the Governor and legislators, please give your opinion to the following questions

11. The next few questions are related to these policy proposals.

a. Should the state of MN expand its economic development efforts to target chronic high unemployment areas in cities throughout the state? *

Business development
Improving funding for Urban agriculture
Entrepreneurial education
Increasing contracting opportunities
Importing and exporting with the countries in Africa and the Caribbean’s
Other (Please Specify):

b. The State of Minnesota should provide free tuition for any public school student that gains admission to a public institution of higher

Universal Pre K funding
Increase the number of school guidance counselors
After school technology training
Other (Please Specify):

c. The State of Minnesota should require police departments to develop cultural competence training *

Increase hiring of African Heritage law enforcement personnel
End racial profiling
Increase victim assistance
Other (Please Specify):

d. The State of Minnesota should provide funding to African Heritage agencies to ensure the cultural option is available to help navigate the
Insurance Exchange?

Early health screening campaign in minority communities
Allow an easier process for foreign trained medical professional to certify to practice
Other (Please Specify):

e. The State of Minnesota should provide sufficient resources for the Department of Human Rights to execute all of its legislative functions? *

Create regional human rights offices throughout the state
Allow the State Auditor review states administrative application of equal access and opportunity laws to ensure they are being administered correctly
Other (Please Specify):

f. Should the state of Minnesota increase funding to African heritage artists and art facilities? *

Increase the use of African heritage art in the state capital complex
Use bonding to finance African heritage cultural centers in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, St Cloud, and Rochester
Increase funding for art education in school districts with a large population of African heritage students
Increase cultural art exchanges with the continent of Africa and the Caribbean
Other (Please Specify):

Step IV - Affirmation of constituents' priorities

12. What issue or issues related to the Black community do you think should be priority for the Council on Black Minnesotans?
(Please Drag and drop them in order of priority, with the highest on top, lowest at the bottom etc.)

Police Community Relations
Improve re-entry services for citizens who have completed their incarceration
Funding for Urban agriculture
Human Rights/Equal Opportunity
Restore voting rights for citizens who have completed their incarceration
Jobs and Economic Development
Funding for the Art
Funding the Council
Other (Please Specify):

Step V - Evaluation of the Council

The Minnesota Legislature created the Council in 1980 to ensure that people of African heritage fully and effectively participate in and equitably benefit from the political, social and economic resources, policies and procedures of the State of Minnesota.

13. In your opinion, how well has the Council performed its duties?

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During the last 12 Months *

During the last 5 years *

14. What suggestions do you have for the Council to help it perform its work better?

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